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GEWIND a Polish holding company, represents the first move of the GESFINU group in diversifying the holding’s investment portfolio to other countries, namely Poland, using its acquired know-how in the green-energy sector for the polish market, especially in the Wind energy sector.

GEWIND is constituted by a group of experienced professionals that together with several outsourced specialists and auditors in various technical fields develop Wind parks in Poland, in order to later operate and manage those Wind parks.

GEWIND pretends to contribute in the build-up of a sustainable and more environmental friendly society, developing as it does in Portugal, extensively reliable and sustainable projects in the green energy sector.

Merge plan Porwind sp Z. O.O i Popielawy sp Z. O.O with Gewind Sp. z O.O.

Gesfinu Group

GESFINU is a Portuguese family owned company with operations in the real estate, environment and energy areas.

In the real estate business the Group is responsible for more than 1500 housings and several stores. In the environment and energy areas, GESFINU has investments in the production of electricity through the recycling of used oils, hydro-electric power plants and wind farms, totalling a yearly production of around 110 GWh. The Group also owns 3 factories of wood pellets, a 100% natural biomass fuel.

It’s MISSION is to look for new business opportunities with attractive returns that enhance value creation, implement and develop new projects in a professional and innovative way.

As a company, and as individuals, we VALUE integrity, excellence, continued innovation and self-improvement.